What these pages provide:

The following pages describe all of the TISA workshops currently available to be brought to your clinic, mental health center, graduate program, psychiatric residency, or annual professional meeting. In all instances the speaker is Shawn Christopher Shea, M.D. Several of the workshops devoted to suicide assessment are described first, followed by Dr. Shea's award winning workshops concerning clinical interviewing including topics such as:

  1. Transforming anger and resistance in the initial interview
  2. Using validity techniques for uncovering domestic and school violence, sexual and physical abuse, antisocial behavior, and drug abuse
  3. Uncovering psychotic process and dangerous psychotic ideation
  4. Uncovering personality dysfunction in the first 60 minutes
  5. Creatively utilizing object relations in the initial interview
  6. Sensitively structuring and performing a full initial biopsychosocial assessment in 60 minutes including a DSM- IV differential diagnosis
  7. Writing initial assessments that are clinically useful and forensically sound

Most of the workshops are 90 minutes in length. Many can be combined with each other to form half-day, three-quarter day, and full day workshops. In addition, multiple day retreats and programs can be created to be brought to your site.

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 What Others are Saying:

    "Easy to follow, beautifully organized. Both tremendously practical and tremendously fun. It was the most informative workshop I've ever attended."

    Jane R. Kenney, M.S.W., C.S.W.

    "A warm and engaging style topped off with a wicked sense of humor. Diagnosis within a refreshingly holistic and humanistic framework. I highly recommend attending this workshop. It's the best I've attended in years."

    Anna Marie Breaux, Ph.D., Psychology

     "I have attended countless seminars in my 45 years of professional practice and none have come even close to the quality of this one. A gifted presenter with a rare sense of humor who kept us riveted and involved."

      Sherman E. Fein, Ph.D., Med. Sc. D.

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