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With time at a premium, today's clinicians must rapidly engage their patients and clients while gathering an imposingly large amount of critical information. These clinicians appropriately worry that the "person" beneath the diagnoses will be lost in the shuffle of time constraints, databases, and paperwork.

Psychiatric Interviewing, 2nd Edition tackles these problems head-on, providing flexible solutions and a practical framework for gathering critical information while always attending to the fears and unique needs of the patient.

Dr. Shea integrates interviewing techniques from a variety of disciplines to provide a broad scope of reference and a strong theoretical foundation. The text illustrates the use of the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-IV to present a humanistic, caring approach to the initial interview. The patient is treated as a person, not as just another case.

Of special interest in this 2nd Edition is a completely revised chapter on suicide and violence assessment that introduces an innovative interview strategy for uncovering hidden suicidal and violent ideation. In addition, a set of new appendices provides an annotated initial sixty-minute interview, strategies for writing a forensically sound assessment document, and a special section that provides tips for passing the oral boards.

Psychiatric Interviewing, 2nd Edition provides concrete methods for exploring sensitive topics such as domestic violence, incest, drug abuse, and the sexual history. Dr. Shea also discusses methods of handling awkward questions and client anger and transforming other common resistances. What's more, in-depth coverage of fundamentals such as structuring techniques, efficient time management, and nonverbal language help you to develop an effective interviewing style.

A unique, comprehensive volume, Psychiatric Interviewing, 2nd Edition evolved directly from the highly successful interviewing training programs developed by the author at both the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic and the DartmouthHitchcock Medical Center. It also incorporates feedback from the many diverse professionals who have enjoyed Dr. Shea's workshops around the United States. The result is a fast reading and enjoyable text filled with real-life interview examples, clarifying principles, and pragmatic advice.

SHAWN CHRISTOPHER SHEA, M.D. is a nationally acclaimed workshop leader and educational innovator in the field of the initial diagnostic interview. He has received an Outstanding Course Award from the American Psychiatric Association for his presentations at their annual meetings and has presented at both the Cape Cod Symposia and the Santa Fe Symposia. He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, New Hampshire, and is also in private practice.

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